Since 1993

Sybil Systems

Sybil is natural language processing platform

that indexes unstructured textual data very efficiently

so that people can extract relevance from extensive volumes of information.


Yoda Algorithm

A revolutionary language indexing algorithm that produces better results than IBM’s Watson.


Sybil Engine

Search and Relevance engine that produces F1 scores that are nearly double Google’s


Sybil Application

Application layer that allows developers to take advantage of the Sybil Engine and Sybil Algorithm


Sybil Platform

Contemporary, container based architecture allows for installation and implementation flexibility.

The Science of Language

Sybil’s core algorithm is rooted in human communication dating back to the dawn of language itself. Our chief scientist and founder spent a lifetime cracking the code on how people derive meaning from language. From his research, he has developed  a novel and ingenious ‘verb first’ approach to deciphering language. He then designed a language interpreting algorithm based on his discoveries. The Yoda Algorithm is a breakthrough in computational linguistics that can produce more significant comprehension of meaning from documented language.

An Engine that Drives Understanding

The Sybil Engine consumes unstructured textual data, indexes that data using the Yoda Algorithm, and makes it available for search and analysis. The Sybil Engine leverages contemporary architecture and can run autonomously on hand-held devices, on any cloud platform, or on a rack behind a firewall. Even their beta forms the algorithm and engine are so efficient that results are returned in milliseconds running on a hand-held android device.

A Platform That Reveals Meaning

The Sybil Engine is built to operate within the Sybil Platform. This platform drives value for our customers in three ways. First, it allows developers to create language agnostic indexes on their own textual data. Second, it allows access to their data and indexes through application programming interfaces  (APIs). Third, developers will be able to apply the Yoda Algorithm to personalize results to their end users, giving our customers the ability to answer queries in a way that drives unprecedented meaning.

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We are currently accepting beta customers in Life Sciences, with more industries coming online in 2018.

We are also accepting investor inquiries.

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